Frequently Asked Questions

We are located in Dunedin, Florida. We used to be in Largo, but moved to Dunedin as we expanded beyond our first location and needed a larger retail store.

We are firearms enthusiasts as well as 2nd Amendment defenders. The company owner was born in Barcelona, Spain and fell in love with the USA and its freedoms. He made the USA his permanent residence since the 80’s.

We are following his legacy of love for this country and for the freedoms it represent.

What better way to forward those ideals than to ensure people are responsible, honest and law abiding gun owners?

One of our main services is Concierge Services.

Are you looking for a particular firearm? We will do our best to find it for you?

Are you looking for a popular firearms and we don’t seem to have it in stock? Let us know and we will do the utmost to find it for you.

It might take us a week or two to find it, but we have developed a large network of gun stores and distributors and we support each other finding the right firearms for our customers.

So let us know what you need, want ort look for. We will find it. No obligation and no extra charges.

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